Born in Lisbon, 1981. Lives and works in London.

2004 – 2006 MFA in Fine Art, Goldsmiths, University of London
1998 – 2004 Licentiate in Fine Art-Painting, Faculty of Fine-Art, University of Lisbon
2000 – 2002 Fine Art Drawing, National Society of Fine Art, Lisbon

2018 Festival DME Artistic Residency, Seia
2014 Drawing Room commission, London
2012 Instituto das Artes Grant, Lisbon
2009 Fidelidade Mundial Art Prize Painting Honours Award, Lisbon
2006 Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Grant, London
2006 Arts Council Visiting Arts Grant, London
2005 II Latin Union Young Creation Prize Portugal Representative, Lisbon
2003 Socrates-Erasmus Grant at the Faculty of Art & Design, Hatfield
2001 Jov’Art (Fresh Art) Drawing Honours Award, Loures

2021 Sunscape, Centre for Contemporary Literature, London
2019 Areal Landscape, alongside Andy Jackson, Atlas House, Ipswich
2017 OtherSelf, Deptford Lounge Giffin Square, London
2012 À Distância, Ybakatu - Espaço de Arte, Curitiba, Brazil
2011 Extra-Ordinário, Galeria Monumental, Lisbon
2011 This Otherworld, The Bun House, London
2010 Do It Yourself (night sky experience), The Old Police Station, London
2010 Tum Tum from Planet Lum, Round the Corner, Lisbon
2009 11 OLLOPA, Paulo Amaro Contemporary Art, Lisbon
2007 Interferometria, 24b – Contemporary Art, Lisbon

INTERDISCIPLINARY PROJECTS (with composer Silvia Rosani and cellist Esther Saladin):
2019 White Masks, Atelierfrankfurt, Frankfurt
2018 White Masks @ Festival Dias de Música Electroacústica (DME-62), Seia
2018 White Masks, Museu do Brinquedo, Seia
2017 White Masks @ Activating Inclusive Sound Spaces (AISS), University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield
2017 White Masks, Deptford Lounge, London
2016 White Masks, Great Hall, Goldsmiths, University of London (première)

2022 Thinking Plants, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London (online)
2021 Arts Week(s) 2021, Birkbeck, University of London, London (online)
2020 Auris Mundus - Mundos Auriculares, Espacio Odeón, Bogotá (curated by Ángela Hoyos Gómez, Ana María Gómez Londoño, Juan David Bermúdez)
2019 Poéticas Auriculares, Centro Cultural Bacatá, Bogotá (curated by David Zárate and Ángela Hoyos Gómez) (catalogue)
2018 Tímpanos de Fagua Verde, Galería Biblioparque Marqués de San Jorge, Bogotá (curated by Ulrica Duo from CRaTil@)
2018 Cleave, Glasgow International 2018, Glasgow (catalogue)
2015 Without Shores, ASC Gallery, London (curated by Ross Chisholm)
2015 The Antimatter Factory, Scotty Enterprises, Berlin (curated by Christine Niehoff)
2014 Full Circle, UBM, London (curated by Jacqui McIntosh and Mairia Evripidou / Drawing Room)
2013 Remade in Portugal, Fundação EDP, Oporto
2013 The Starseed Transmission, Enclave, London, part of Deptford X (curated by Lucy A. Sames)
2013 System Failure, Great Western Studios, London (curated by Sandra Erbacher)
2013 Coletiva, Ybakatu - Espaço de Arte, Curitiba, Brazil
2012 Look to the Sky, National Glass Centre, Sunderland
2012 Parallels of Latitude, UBM, London (curated by Drawing Room)
2011 1 Attempt to Find the Snark#5, Lisbon Art Fair - Propostas Space, Galeria Monumental, Lisbon
2011 El Aprendiz de Coleccionista, Pepe Cobo y cía, Madrid
2011 So Here We Are, Kunstverein Speyer, Speyer (catalogue)
2011 Between Worlds, Folkestone, part of Folkestone Triennial
2011 Time_Space_Causality, Bari, Italy (curated by Cinzia Cagnetta and Giuseppe Pinto)
2010 Paper Jam, The Gallery Goldsmiths, London (curated by Sandra Erbacher)
2009 Platform, The Raymond Gun Gallery, London
2009 Space Distance Ladder, St Davids Hall, Cardiff (curated by Ruth Cayford)
2009 Exhibit 1, The Old Police Station, London
2009 Fidelidade Mundial Art Prize, Chiado8, Lisbon (catalogue)
2009 Pintura: Olhar 20/30, Paulo Amaro Contemporary Art, Lisbon
2008 X Mostra International Union Fenosa, Museo de Arte Contenporaneo Union Fenosa, A Coruña (catalogue)
2008 I Always Tell the Truth Even When I Lie, Axisweb (curated by Helen Jones)
2008 More Today Than Yesterday, Globe Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne
2008 Em Diferentes Escalas, Espaço Avenida, Lisbon (curated by Nuno Sousa)
2007 What Can a Desert Island Do?, Seventeen Gallery, London (curated by Paul Pieroni)
2007 SpearCraft, Standpoint Gallery, London (curated by Andy Jackson)
2007 Stick*Stamp*Fly, Gasworks, London
2007 I Love Peckham Shop Windows, Jay Opticians, London (curated by Emily Druiff)
2006 Rag and Bone, Three Colts Gallery, London
2006 The Dream of Reason, TemporaryContemporary, London (catalogue, co-curated with Elysa Lozano)
2006 Urbanismo: linhas e contornos, 24b – Contemporary Art, Lisbon
2005 E=mc2, National Museum of Science and Technique, Coimbra (curated by Miguel Amado)
2005 5th Prize Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, Museum Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, Amarante (catalogue)
2005 We’re Good at That, 41a Tudor Rd, London
2004 Antecip’Arte, Estufa Fria, Lisbon
2004 Preview II, Iduna Space, Oporto (catalogue, co-curated with Mário Pires Cordeiro)
2004 Preview I, Iduna South, Lisbon (catalogue, co-curated with Mário Pires Cordeiro)
2004 Brut 10 Mohs, Interpress Building, Lisbon
2003 Night Stand, Boat President, London
2003 Work in Progress, The Tunnel, Hatfield
2002 Colectiva, Arte Periférica, Lisbon
2002 The Opposite Direction / Easily Reversible, ZDB, Lisbon (catalogue)

2011 - present Birkbeck, University of London - Associate Lecturer, MA Digital Media Design, Postgraduate Certificate Web Design and Development
2016 University of Kent - Guest Lecturer, MFA Fine Art, BA Fine Art
2016 University of Hertfordshire - Visiting Lecturer, BA Photography